18.03.2024 — Blog

PAPILLON AFIS helped solve a murder committed 23 years ago

PAPILLON AFIS has again helped to find a criminal who murdered 23 year ago.

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26.02.2024 — Blog

The Head of MinTsifry highly praises PAPILLON AFIS

The Minister of Digital Technology, Communication and Mass Media of Russia attended the TAdviser SummIT 2024. Answering participants’ questions, Maksut Shadaev spoke about the digitalization of the public sector and pointed out the system developed by PAPILLON.

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01.02.2024 — Blog

A resident of Bryansk is held to respond in a murder committed 28 years ago

We continue to share stories about how PAPILLON AFIS, the staple of our company, helps to effect justice. Our next story is about a murder committed in the Bryansk region and solved 28 years later.

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09.01.2024 — Blog

The Ministry of the Interior of Tajikistan has PAPILLON AFIS upgraded

PAPILLON-9 replaced existing AFIS software running in the MOI of Tajikistan, and the staff of the Main Forensic Sciences Office was trained to operate it. To increase the percentage of cases solved, PAPILLON-Neuro, our new AI-based app, was also implemented.

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10.11.2023 — Blog

Fingerprint Bureau, CID Telangana State honoured with award as one of the best in India

The Fingerprint Bureau of CID, Telangana State, has been honoured with 2nd best case for solving a challenging case with the help of PAPILLON AFIS. The recognition was bestowed during the 24th All India Conference of Fingerprint Bureaus recently held at NCRB, New Delhi.

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18.07.2023 — Blog

Changed his name and hid for 20 years: PAPILLON AFIS tracked down the migrant killer

The Perm court sentenced a 38-year-old native of Tajikistan who committed murder more than 20 years ago. The person involved in the criminal case constantly changed his place of residence and was detained while trying to cross the border.

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03.05.2023 — Blog

PAPILLON develops cooperation with the Turkmen Interior Ministry

A new version of PAPILLON AFIS has been deployed in the Republic of Turkmenistan this year.

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18.04.2023 — Blog

Practical issues of choosing an effective AFIS

To assess the effectiveness of an AFIS, two basic interrelated characteristics are usually used – its reliability and search accuracy. Reliability is the percent of «native» pairs (hits) selected by the AFIS in relation to a whole number of correct mates in the database. Selectivity (accuracy) is the percent of pairs falsely identified by the system as mating in relation to the total number of comparisons.

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20.03.2023 — Blog

NN has been implemented in PAPILLON-9 AFIS

The Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Crimea has begun to operate Russia's first complex of PAPILLON-9 AFIS using AI technologies. The neural net has already helped to solve several high-profile crimes of the past years.

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20.02.2023 — Blog

A killer wanted for 17 years was identified by PAPILLON AFIS

A 44-year-old man will face the Odintsovo court, Moscow region. Accused of murder and being wanted for 17 years, he was detained thanks to PAPILLON.

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05.08.2022 — Blog

Sverdlovsk criminal recidivist detained thanks to PAPILLON AFIS

The killer has been traced by fingerprints he left on the crime scene.

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15.06.2022 — Blog

Reduction of Corporate Costs for Airport Security

GOAL: To ensure the corporate security of the airport and reduce the cost of processing inquiries from law enforcement agencies as part of counter-terrorism

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31.05.2022 — Blog

Nizhny Novgorod has tested a cloud solution for AFIS

Nizhny Novgorod law-enforcers assessed the capabilities of AFIS running on a virtual server.

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22.04.2022 — Blog

3,302 more hits in three months through the use of NN in Yugra

The MVD Main Directorate in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug has reported on the results of the use of PAPILLON-Neuro. The region was one of the first to test the novelty: unsolved latent prints were processed with AI technologies.

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11.04.2022 — Blog

2,824 more hits in three months through the use of NN in Chelyabinsk Region

According to information from the MVD Main Directorate of the Chelyabinsk Region, the Southern Urals, along with the Nizhny Novgorod Region and the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, has become one of the first areas where unsolved finger and palm latent prints were processed by PAPILLON-Neuro.

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18.02.2022 — Blog

3,590 more hits in three months through the use of NN in Nizhny Novgorod Region

The Nizhny Novgorod region was among the first Russian regions to test the new PAPILLON-Neuro software product. Unsolved latent prints of hands were processed with the use of neural network technologies.

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01.12.2021 — Blog

A wanted for 16 years deserter was identified with PAPILLON AFIS

September 20, 2004, a conscript voluntarily left the tank training area in Transbaikalia. Persistent searches yielded no results. But the criminal case was resumed in 2020.

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29.10.2021 — Blog


GOAL: Automation of identity verification when issuing passports and prevention from issuing ID documents based on false data.

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06.07.2021 — Blog

New version of PAPILLON-9 was tested in the Forensic Science Center of the Russian Interior Ministry

PAPILLON-9 AFIS was tested at the Forensic Science Center of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia. For testing, the local base of the agency was used.

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05.07.2021 — Blog

PAPILLON FILTER: Express ID Checks by Face

The latest versions of PAPILLON FILTER provide a capability to identify a person by a face image. Express ID checks are carried out on the PAPILLON-9 AFIS or PAPILLON POLYFACE databases.

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07.05.2021 — Blog

Akmola Region: 79 criminals and 9 missing persons were identified with the help of AFIS

In Kazakhstan, PAPILLON AFIS helps in solving crimes and finding lost people. According to «KAZINFORM» (International News Agency), since the beginning of 2021, only in the Akmola Region of the Republic of Kazakhstan the following were identified by fingerprints against the PAPILLON AFIS database: - 79 criminals - 9 unknown dead

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25.01.2021 — Blog


GOAL: To create AFIS sites at all levels of law enforcement community, to convert all accumulated paper tenprint collections into electronic form for effective information support of law enforcers in the investigation of crimes, terrorist attacks, identification of the unknown dead.

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28.08.2020 — Blog

To prevent escapes from jails and lock-ups

GOAL: Ensuring biometric registration of prisoners, controlling their movements and preventing substitutions Contact View results

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23.07.2020 — Blog

Kazakhstan Police are solving crimes in «hot pursuit» using PAPILLON AFIS

Akmola Region. About 300 criminals were identified by latent finger and palm prints in the first half of 2020.

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10.06.2020 — Blog

Moved to another region and hid for 25 years but was found with the help of PAPILLON AFIS

A murder committed a quarter of a century ago has been solved in St. Petersburg. The alleged killer was identified with the help of PAPILLON AFIS by his fingerprints left on videotapes.

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