Biometrics and Artificial Intelligence for the Needs of State

Solutions that improve public safety and crime detection.

Digital transformation and automation of biometric identification processes for civilian applications.

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Solutions for Integrators and Large Companies

Integrated security systems.
Biometric identification and computer vision technologies.

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Our Experience

We are one of the top four international companies with the technology that allows to produce biometric systems on a nation-wide scale.

Creators of the world's largest state fingerprint records system

Over 12000 users trained by a certified training center

30 years of experience in building geographically distributed information systems

Full product cycle: design, production, installation, training, support

Over 30 neural network algorithms from company's own AI-lab are used in the company's products

Over 45,000 units of equipment operating in 43 countries

We are Trustworthy

We are a key supplier of biometric and ballistic identification systems for law enforcements in Russia, India, Bangladesh, Albania, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan.

We supply access control systems for defense industry and research centers in Russia.


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