Reduction of Corporate Costs for Airport Security

GOAL: To ensure the corporate security of the airport and reduce the cost of processing inquiries from law enforcement agencies as part of counter-terrorism

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Background and Objectives

Crowded public areas have always been the main targets for terror attacks. From this point of view, airports and railway stations are the most vulnerable places. After a series of timely suppressed terrorist attacks, the President of the Russian Federation demanded to increase the security of the country’s air harbors.


Tasks Completed:

As part of the project, supplied to the airport are:

The customer has put forward a number of specific requirements to the system and its implementation, namely:

Project Diagram

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Products Used

Results and Effect

The introduction of PAPILLON AFIS has allowed large businesses to:

The implementation of AFIS enables the airport security service to conduct its own investigations of incidents and to solve cases through express identification of latents using LATOP and FOSKO.

This solution can be applied in any places where it is necessary to promptly identify potentially dangerous persons, to prevent crimes and terrorist attacks:

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