GOAL: Automation of identity verification when issuing passports and prevention from issuing ID documents based on false data.

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Background and Objectives

In the Republic of Uzbekistan, the applicant when getting a passport must undergo verification, during which the document issue may be refused because of unreliable data provided by the applicant. Before 2011, such verification was carried out using systems of automated identification by facial images, but the final decision was made by a system operator. The existing system did not provide the desired level of automation, which led to an increase in decision-making time to several days and to a decrease in the efficiency.


Tasks Completed

All the software and hardware providing the planned identification processes have been delivered, installed and commissioned.

As a result, a multibiometric centralized national identification system was created called ASIL-M (on the platform of AFIS and POLYFACE).

ASIL-M has been successfully integrated with the passport system for issuing/reissuing biometric documents.

From 2011 to 2021, the database of AFIS and ASIL-M was increased from 5 to 25 million tenprint cards. The uninterrupted operation of the complex with a daily workload of over 20,000 multibiometric checks is ensured.

Project Diagram


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Products Used

Results and Effect

Implementation of ASIL-M has enabled:

For example, more than 500 cases of fraudulent impersonation were disclosed at the national college admission exams.

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