The Head of MinTsifry highly praises PAPILLON AFIS

The Minister of Digital Technology, Communication and Mass Media of Russia attended the TAdviser SummIT 2024. Answering participants’ questions, Maksut Shadaev spoke about the digitalization of the public sector and pointed out the system developed by PAPILLON.

TAdviser SummIT is a specialized conference bringing together directors of the Russian largest IT companies and representatives of government agencies. Maksut Shadaev, Minister of Digital Technology, Communication and Mass Media of Russia, spoke at the summit summarizing the results of 2023.

Answering the question about the application potential of artificial intelligence in public management, the Minister noted that neural networks are widely used for recognizing license plates of vehicles and human faces in urban video surveillance systems. AI is also actively being introduced in recognition of medical images (CT, MRI), pointing out places of possible diseases.

The Minister also noted that such a field-specific domain as fingerprint analysis at crime scenes is one of the promising trends. «The Interior Ministry uses a very cool, powerful system that allows them to analyze evidence,» said Shadaev.


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