A resident of Bryansk is held to respond in a murder committed 28 years ago

We continue to share stories about how PAPILLON AFIS, the staple of our company, helps to effect justice. Our next story is about a murder committed in the Bryansk region and solved 28 years later.

October 13, 1995. A 51-year-old owner of apartments on Kalinin Street in Bryansk was found murdered. The police did not find any witnesses to the tragedy or obvious evidence. Only a palm print, which could not be identified at that time.

October, 2023. Another check of the latent palm print lifted in 1995 revealed its coincidence with a known palm print available in the database. The suspect in that old-committed crime was found. He turned out to be a local resident. A 17 year-old teenager, he was friends with the victim.

During one of his «friendly» visits, they drank alcohol together. There was a quarrel, during which the teenager stabbed the man several times in the neck. Fatally injured, the owner of the apartment died on scene, and the killer fled.

Currently, the criminal case has been sent to court for sentencing.

Photo: Press Service of the Office of Criminal Investigations in Bryansk Region

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