The Ministry of the Interior of Tajikistan has PAPILLON AFIS upgraded

PAPILLON-9 replaced existing AFIS software running in the MOI of Tajikistan, and the staff of the Main Forensic Sciences Office was trained to operate it. To increase the percentage of cases solved, PAPILLON-Neuro, our new AI-based app, was also implemented.

Our cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior of Tajikistan goes back several years and projects. In 2017, PAPILLON put into operation the ARSENAL Automated Ballistic Identification System for the Tajikistan Police. Besides, the network of enrolment stations equipped with DS-45 scanners is currently deployed across the country.

In December 2023, PAPILLON’s specialists modernized the existing AFIS complex in the MOI of Tajikistan by installing the newest PAPILLON-9 and PAPILLON-Neuro software. The latter uses artificial intelligence technologies and reduces the labor costs of forensic experts tenfold.

Tutors from PAPILLON’s Training Center gave lessons for police officers in Dushanbe on working with the new version of the AFIS. We expect to receive soon feedback on the effectiveness of using our system and information on solved crimes, including those remaining unsolved in previous years.

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