13.01.2021 — Blog

PAPILLON advantages in imaging finger and palm prints

PAPILLON’s fingerprint scanners and software allow you to acquire high-quality images of fingerprints and palmprints, even in the case of excessively dry or moistened skin, and to exclude blurs that appear when taking rolled fingerprints.

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06.11.2020 — Blog

New functionality added to PERGAM thermal imagers to prevent the spread of diseases

GOAL: Detection and tracking of passengers with hyperthermia in the flow of people at international airport terminals and railway stations Contact View results

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30.12.2010 — Blog

PAPILLON Contactless 3D Fingerprint Scanner

Brand-new PAPILLON 3D scanner for high-quality imaging of a fingerprint pattern of 500 and 1000 ppi provides a number of advantages over standard 2D models

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