PAPILLON-Autocoder — +2% Extra Hits in AFIS

A 2% increase in identifications as a result of re-coding the existing database of tenprints and latents with the PAPILLON-Autocoder algorithm into the format of new version of PAPILLON AFIS

This service is relevant for the customers who are going to update the PAPILLON AFIS version. According to the results, additional identifications are established averaging out at about 2% of previously identified latents. Besides, it makes possible to identify fingerprints of the unknown dead.

The advanced coding algorithm enables:

  • Conversion of tenprints and latents to the new version that has more powerful matching capabilities
  • Correction of coding errors made by operators

Use in Combination with PAPILLON-Neuro

It has been proven by practice that the successive use of PAPILLON-Autocoder and PAPILLON-Neuro makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the Latent-Tenprint (LT-TP) search conducted in PAPILLON AFIS.

For testing, unsolved latents stored in forensic agencies in some subjects of the Russian Federation were selected. The result brought the following additional identifications: