Nizhny Novgorod has tested a cloud solution for AFIS

Nizhny Novgorod law-enforcers assessed the capabilities of AFIS running on a virtual server.

Virtualization is widely used when working with big data, where maximum system fault tolerance is required.

One of the largest AFIS complexes is installed and maintained in Nizhny Novgorod. PAPILLON’s specialists have launched a key-license that ensures the operation of the server through a dedicated license server, and not through a physical USB drive of the electronic key. If one of the cluster units fails (a working computer, for instance), all data will migrate to the next free machine.

As the law enforcers noted, the virtualization of the AFIS allowed to reduce server downtime, both during preventive maintenance and non-routine equipment failure. Moreover, the cloud solution will allow you to increase capacity, and therefore improve performance in the future.


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