Fingerprint Bureau, CID Telangana State honoured with award as one of the best in India

The Fingerprint Bureau of CID, Telangana State, has been honoured with 2nd best case for solving a challenging case with the help of PAPILLON AFIS. The recognition was bestowed during the 24th All India Conference of Fingerprint Bureaus recently held at NCRB, New Delhi.

The awarded case, registered as Cr.No27/2020 in Nelakondapalli Police Station, Khammam and initially classified as theft was later reclassified as a murder for gain case.

The crime occurred during the night of February 24/25, 2020 by deceiving the victims, an elderly couple, on giving prasadam (in Hinduism, a devotional offering made to the deity, typically consisting of eatables) containing  a fatal overdose of sedatives, resulting in loss of cash, valuables and lives.

The fingerprint team, led by Inspector B. Naresh of Fingerprint Bureau, CID, Khammam, showcased exemplary work. Developing partial latent fingerprints at the crime scene and matching them with the fingerprints of the suspected played a pivotal role in swiftly solving the case.

The photo shows GDP Anjani Kumar felicitating the Telangana team with 2nd best case for smart use of fingerprint science in crime investigation.

Deccan Chronicle


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