PAPILLON AFIS helped solve a murder committed 23 years ago

PAPILLON AFIS has again helped to find a criminal who murdered 23 year ago.

2001, Magnitogorsk. A teacher earned additionally as a taxi driver in her spare time. On that fateful night, she picked up a passenger who refused to pay for his trip. During a scuffle started, the man strangled the driver. Her body was found the next morning.

The villain was not found in hot pursuit. But the investigation has been going on all these years. “Having rechecked all available information, we decided to use the state-of-the-art PAPILLON AFIS system, which allowed us to establish the suspect’s identity when digitizing his tenprint card,” the press service of the Russian Ministry of the Interior in the Chelyabinsk region told.

The murderer turned out to be a repeat offender born in 1982. A criminal case against him has now been opened, and he has been taken into custody.

Photo is taken from open sources


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