PAPILLON advantages in imaging finger and palm prints

PAPILLON’s fingerprint scanners and software allow you to acquire high-quality images of fingerprints and palmprints, even in the case of excessively dry or moistened skin, and to exclude blurs that appear when taking rolled fingerprints.

Scanning fingers with dry skin and worn-out patterns

About 20% of people have dry skin or erased papillary pattern (e.g. inmates of pre-trial detention centers and prisons intentionally rub out the pattern on their fingers). Treatment with antiseptic alcohol-containing agents also dries the skin of the fingers. PAPILLON uses a combination of software and hardware solutions providing high-quality scanning of excessively dry and erased skin patterns:
– The optical system has a programmatically reduced sensitivity threshold (this parameter is adjusted by the operator and can be used both for a single scanning session and for a series).
– A special elastic polymeric coating (membrane) that covers the scanning platen improves contact even with insufficiently hydrated skin.

Scanning wet hands

About 25-30% of people have overwetted skin on their hands. The optics of PAPILLON devices is able to distinguish the areas of the prism contacting with papillary ridges from valleys filled with moisture. This reduces the impact of moisture on the quality of captured images.


Compensating for blurs

Smears and blurs are typical distortions at taking fingerprints. The probability of such distortions depends both on diligence and skills of the officer taking fingerprints, and on the characteristics of the scanning surface.

PAPILLON’s highly efficient software algorithm «glues» together sequentially captured fragments when the finger is rolled from nail to nail over the scanning platen, completely eliminating any errors that occur when the finger is moving over the prism. Thus, the LIVE SCANNER system simplifies the process of fingerprinting for the officer, reducing any special requirements to the procedure to avoid blurs in captured images. Impressions without blurs contain a greater number of features used in comparisons.


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