PAPILLON’s subsidiary to introduce AI in a Moscow clinic

EVA Lab has agreed to partner with Medscan Group to equip one of Moscow clinics with brand new AI-based software developed by PAPILLON’s subsidiary. Polyptron enables early detection of bowel cancer.

Polyptron is an NN module embedded in an endoscopic tower. In the coming years, 16 cancer detection centers throughout Chelyabinsk region will be equipped with the software developed by EVA Lab’s team. This year, Polyptron will also be installed in one of the 58 Medscan Group specialized medical centers in Moscow.

«During colonoscopic examination, Polyptron detects the first signs of pathology in real time and displays prompts on the monitor. The doctor can pay more attention to such areas and take a biopsy. Thanks to the system, detecting the first signs of neoplasms allows us to reduce the canceration risk in 92% of cases, and we expect that this percentage will increase up to 98% with further NN training,» said Yevgeny Alkhanov, EVA Lab Product Director.

The Polyptron project was supported by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives in 2023 as an innovative and breakthrough solution in the field of cancer screening.

«The system of such type has a promising future since it minimizes the human factor and contributes to early detection of neoplasms. It is gratifying that Polyptron is a completely homegrown innovation, which corresponds to the concept of achieving technological sovereignty of our country in the field of healthcare services,» said Sergey Arabajyan, Medical Director of Medscan Group.

Photo: Medscan Group press service

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