PAPILLON has already made 1,300 DS-45 scanners in 2023

That’s how many DS-45s PAPILLON has manufactured by early December 2023. Just two years ago, this figure was half as many: 720 scanners in 2021 and 974 in 2020.

PAPILLON Systems, a member of the company group, has been producing this scanner model since 2010. Started with 300 to 400 pieces per year, now the annual output of DS-45 scanners has reached 1,600 to1,800 units.

A unique and internationally recognized solution, PAPILLON DS-45 provides high quality imaging of finger and palm prints even in cases of excessively dry (20% of people) or moist (30% of people) skin, and also eliminates motion aberrations at taking rolled fingerprints. Adapted to a wide range of use cases, it allows an individual to be fully fingerprinted in less than a minute.

Most of the voluntary fingerprint enrollments in Russia take place with the use of our scanners.


On photos:
1 – Moscow Multifunctional Migration Centre equipped with PAPILLON fingerprint scanners, 2023.
2 – Regular delivery of PAPILLON scanners to the Telangana Police, India 2023.
3 – Due to the large scanning surface, the DS-45 provides high quality imaging of flat and rolled finger prints as well as palmprints.

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