POLYFACE Face Recognition System

On offer: Polyface 3.0 and Polyface 3.6

Modular, scalable biometric identification system:

— Express face recognition and identity verification (real-time identity checks)
— Identification of an individual as belonging to certain groups and categories of people
— Creation of biometric databases (criminal, civil, personnel, client, etc.)



Contactless recognition (1:n) or verification (1:1) of a person’s identity by facial image:

  • Investigative activities conducted by law enforcement authorities
  • Automation of the work performed by forensic experts
  • Safeguarding of public events and places of mass gathering
  • Identification of an individual ‘s belonging to any group of people: criminals, infected, missing, VIPs, clients, etc.

The use of the POLYFACE Smart mobile terminals enables real-time checks of citizens being blacklisted or whitelisted, so that the police/security officer could get enough information to respond accordingly.


The POLYFACE database keeps two types of records:

  • cards containing photos of individuals with known identities (Verified Portraits)
  • facial photos or facial composites of individuals whose personal details are unknown or unreliably known (Unsolved Portraits)

Database searches result in ranked candidate lists containing verified and unsolved portraits that must be reviewed by forensic experts.

Database entries can be combined by various attributes into black and white lists (both manually and automatically created), which provides unlimited capabilities for structuring and segmenting the database of individuals. Black/white watchlists can be exported to smart devices for conducting express ID checks and can also be applied for group searches.

POLYFACE lets you populate your database with facial images recognized in streaming videos captured with surveillance cameras or downloaded video files.



POLYFACE supports import/export of information (text data, photo images, verbal description of appearance) for permanent registration and/or database searches.

POLYFACE database can be augmented with new data through a desktop client, web client and Rest API, as well as with the use of the following PAPILLON products:

Identification results as well as black and white watchlists for local searches (without direct connection to the POLYFACE database) can be transferred to:



Data composition:

  • facial images (full-face and other angled positions)
  • other images (distinctive features (SMT), documents)
  • text information (demographic – for verified portraits, associated with a case – for unsolved portraits)
  • verbal descriptions of physical appearance created using special reference glossaries (picklists of values)
  • handwriting sample and its description

Data sources:

  • digital and web cameras
  • files of standard graphics formats
  • flatbed scanners
  • surveillance cameras (archived videos, online video streams)
  • subjective portrait (facial composite) created with PAPILLON KLIM 3D
  • PAPILLON AFIS tenprint database

Export formats:

  • Papillon (XML + photo + face templates)

The Rest API functionality allows the implementation of your own solutions for data import, export and processing (text data, photo images, verbal description of appearance, hit lists, black and white watchlists).


  • Face images are normalized in accordance with ISO/IEC 19794-5:2005/GOST R ISO/IEC 19794-5-2006

Operating system:

  • Windows 7 (32/64bit)
  • Windows 8 (32/64 bit)
  • Windows 10 (32/64 bit)
  • RHEL/CentOS 6x (64 bit)
  • RHEL/CentOS 7x (64 bit)
  • Astra Linux 1.5 (64 bit)
  • Astra Linux 1.6 (64 bit)
  • Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later



Components and database:

  • Server with PostgreSQL DBMS — Web interface (thin client) and Rest API
  • Operator workstation (OW) — Desktop application (thick client)
  • POLYFACE Smart — Android application (thick client)
  • Matchers – Server-based processing and search modules
  • Video Recognition Tool (VRT) — video stream processing module

Subject to licensing:

  • Server with a database (restriction on the number of biometric templates)
  • Operator workplaces (the number of operators is not limited, the number of simultaneous sessions is limited, as well as the ability to use the Video Recognition Tool desktop module)
  • Matchers (restriction on the number of processor cores used (one matcher per core), as well as on the ability to use the Video Recognition Tool web-module)

POLYFACE-Smart is not subject to licensing.

Contact our managers for further details.




  • Wide range of facial image sources (photos, video, surveillance data)
  • Ability to identify a face on the image of low quality (not less than 30 pixels between the pupils)
  • Recognition of masked or partially covered faces
  • Face identification at an angle and tilted
  • Autodetection and encoding of faces in photos and videos
  • Work with facial composites (subjective portraits)
  • Grouping faces into b/w lists with the possibility of auto-completion
  • Integration with PAPILLON AFIS
  • Rest API functionality for creating custom solutions for data import, export and processing

The 3DiVi Face SDK search algorithm developed by 3DiVi belonging to the PAPILLON Group is used. The algorithm is based on the method of trained neural networks and provides high accuracy and reliability of automatic comparisons.