Big renovation of the concert hall in the Youth Activity Centre has been completed

PAPILLON took part in the renovation of the concert hall in the Youth Activity Centre (Miass, Chelyabinsk region). The company initiated and developed the project, and then supervised the reconstruction.

Concurrently with the renovation of the Miass 250th Anniversary Public Garden, our company maintained supervision over the transformation of the concert hall in the Youth Activity Centre we patronize. Funds for reconstruction and equipping were allocated by the Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region following our request. PAPILLON already participated in creating an IT Cube facility in the same Youth Centre (IT Cubes is a nationwide network of children’s digital education centres).

«We developed this project ourselves and wanted our hometown to get exactly the quality that was intended – from materials used to specialized concert equipment purchased. In a few months, the contractor completed a full-fledged renovation of the hall and replaced the lighting system with modern solutions. New sound and light equipment, which has no analogues in Miass, was purchased for our young talents and their teachers. At the same time, the stage was also modernized by equipping it with a big LED screen. The beauty and convenience of the new hall have already been appreciated by the first audience. No one has expected such a large-scale transformation,» said PAPILLON’s project designers.

The renovated concert hall was officially opened on December 20, 2023.

«Now it is a modern venue with an attractive design and new equipment that will make the performances of young gifted artists even more vivid and interesting,» said Egor Kovalchuk, Miass City Executive, during the official opening of the concert hall.

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