FILTER Multibiometric Express ID System

The system for express identification of individuals by fingerprint, facial and iris images as well as by demographic data, allowing also determination of their involvement in unlawful activities and crimes.

FILTER interacts with remote centralized databases of PAPILLON AFIS, POLYFACE and integrated regional databases of the Russian Internal Affairs Ministry, promptly providing text data and photo images to verify the person in question, as well as information helping to make a decision to detain such person or not.



FILTER allows you to acquire biometric (fingerprints, facial and iris images) and biographic (name, date of birth) information to transfer them to various databases for cross-matching. Positive search results contain text information and a facial image (if a photo is available in the database).

Express ID checks are applicable in all situations that require reliable and quick identification:

  • Ensured safety at industrial facilities
  • Crime investigations and struggle against terrorism
  • Relocation of detainees and prisoners
  • Ensured transport safety
  • Border and customs control
  • Registration of refugees and migrant laborers


  • Ensured safety at mass gathering events
  • Document authenticity verification and identity verification of citizens without documents
  • Identity verification of citizens who are unable to report themselves due to their age or health condition


Express identity checks:

  • by fingerprints (AFIS-7, AFIS-8, AFIS-9)
  • by text information (AFIS-9, integrated regional databases of the MIA)
  • by facial image (AFIS-9, POLYFACE)
  • by iris images (AFIS-9)

A request for checking a person’s identity can be formed either by one of the features (fingerprints or facial image) or by a group of features. 

If necessary, the request for express ID check can be saved in the database in the form of a card. Saving the history of searches and history of checks of the detainee simplifies the work of law enforcers.

Interaction with remote databases can be carried out via various communication channels, providing IP-connection, such as:

  • Local area network
  • Dial-up or dedicated telephone lines
  • GSM and UMTS (3G) cellular communications
  • synchronous satellite channels
  • WiFi

In the absence of connection express identity verifications can be performed against local PAPILLON AFIS and POLYFACE databases stored on removable media or hard disk.



FILTER software provides express identification against PAPILLON AFIS and POLYFACE databases.

  • Fingerprints are obtained with PAPILLON fingerprint scanners.
  • Iris images are obtained with Zirkon devices.
  • Photo images are obtained with the use of FK-3, webcams and digital cameras.

Stations designed exclusively for express ID checks are equipped with a DS-21C one-finger fingerprint scanner or a DS-22N two-finger fingerprint scanner.

Minimum set of equipment and software for express ID checks:



Data composition

  • Finger impressions
  • Text information
  • Facial image
  • Iris image

Data sources

Export formats

Export to third-party systems is not provided. Data for searches is transferred in the Papillon format.


  • FBI WSQ compression of images (compression of fingerprint images without noticeable loss of quality, the maximum compression rate is 1:15)
  • FBI “IAFIS IQS”: CJIS-TD-0110 and CJIS-RS-0010 (quality of images taken from fingerprint scanners complies with the FBI specifications)
  • Dactyloscopy GOST R 58298-2018, ISO/IEC 19794-2 and 19794-4 (format of biometric data exchange complies with the Russian national standard)
  • Full-face image ISO/IEC 19794-5 (biometric data exchange format complies with the Russian national standard)
  • Included in the Russian software registry

Operating systems

  • Windows 7 (32bit)
  • Windows 8 (32/64 bit)
  • Windows 10 (32/64 bit)
  • RHEL/CentOS 6x (64 bit)
  • RHEL/CentOS 7x (64 bit)
  • Astra Linux 1.5 (64 bit)
  • Astra Linux 1.6 (64 bit)



Components and database:

  • Operator workstation – Desktop application (thick client)
  • Filter-server – a central component that receives data from various operator workstations to transfer them to AFIS or POYFACE for matching
  • Filter-matcher (required only when interacting with AFIS-8. In AFIS-9 and POLYFACE, the computing power of the systems themselves is used).

In case of express ID checks by fingerprints the program is used in conjunction with PAPILLON fingerprint scanners.

Subject to licensing:

  • Search function by text data in AFIS
  • Search function by text data in integrated regional databases of the MIA
  • Fingerprint search function
  • Iris search function
  • Face image search function
  • Matchers (according to the number of cores involved)

The filter-server is not subject to licensing.

The operator workstation is licensed together with a fingerprint scanner (the serial number of the device to be used together with the program must be specified).


Contact our managers for further details.




  • High-quality images of wet, excessively dry fingers and palms, as well as fingers and palms with rubbed or naturally low papillary patterns
  • Multibiometric identification
  • Local fingerprint database search
  • Search by text in wanted lists of integrated regional databases of the MIA
  • Local facial images database search
  • Search against regional, interregional and federal AFIS databases