Landscaping the Miass 250th Anniversary Public Garden

PAPILLON has acted as a developer of «the main public garden 2023» renovated for the 250th anniversary of Miass. Almost 14,000 m2 were landscaped in less than 90 days.

The new point of attraction is located in the central part of the city behind the URALAZ Palace of Culture. Before its renovation, it was neither a park nor a public garden. Spontaneous paths passed by old, damaged trees. There was no lighting. The outmoded playground was not popular with children.

In 2022, Industrial Business Association «For the Development of Miass», known for its urban and social projects, took the initiative of changes. First of all, the urban community was canvassed for their opinion. More than a hundred suggestions of improvements were received. Those suggestions provided the basis for the renovation project.

In 2023, the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region allocated extra funding to renovate the mentioned public area in Miass. PAPILLON won the municipal contract for landscaping the territory.

Landscaping of the public garden devoted to the 250th anniversary of Miass took place from August to November. The spontaneous paths were surfaced with paving bricks and asphalt. A walkway with park swings appeared in the center of the garden.

Every second survey respondent stood for enlarging of the car parking area. New places for cars were arranged behind the Palace of Culture and to the north of it. The total area coated with asphalt is 6,300 m2.

Four play spaces with a total area of 1,885 m2 for young city dwellers were created and equipped with proper amenities. A modern pump track also appeared on the south side of the Palace. As summer sets in, Miass residents will be able to play streetball or practice street workout.

The area in front of the Palace of Culture is also beautified. Some topiary-style forms, park benches and a four-sided illuminated clock with a one-meter face were mounted.

This new point of attraction has already entered the history of the city as the one completed in record-breaking time: almost 14,000 m2 were developed in less than 90 days. But it’s not just about figures, but about people. After all, the success of public spaces is judged by their attendances. Our «250th» is full of children’s laughter and citizens of all ages both on weekdays and weekends.

If you cannot visit our hometown, enjoy the video made at the new point of attraction in Miass.

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