Fingerprinting booths for checking migrants may appear at Moscow airports

Such a proposal is addressed to the head of the Interior Ministry by Yaroslav Nilov, State Duma Deputy. According to the parliamentarian, fingerprinting of arriving foreigners will help reduce the number of violations committed by labor migrants.

Yaroslav Nilov, State Duma Deputy focuses on the fact that migrants arriving in Russia now pass only passport and customs control. Though, both procedures do not guarantee 100% identity authentication.

«This problem can be solved by installing at all airports special booths with equipment that allows fingerprinting of arriving foreigners», the parliamentarian notes in his address to Vladimir Kolokoltsev, Russian Interior Minister.

As an experiment, Nilov suggests starting with Moscow airports, since the proposed measures will require a large amount of financing. The parliamentarian insists also on separating the flows of Russian and foreign citizens during passport and customs control.

PAPILLON has already implemented similar solutions in 2022, when we additionally equipped the Multifunctional Migration Center of Moscow with our DS-45M finger and palm print scanners and installed new software.

Pictured: Multifunctional Migration Center of Moscow, equipped with PAPILLON fingerprint scanners.


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