09.01.2024 — Blog

The Ministry of the Interior of Tajikistan has PAPILLON AFIS upgraded

PAPILLON-9 replaced existing AFIS software running in the MOI of Tajikistan, and the staff of the Main Forensic Sciences Office was trained to operate it. To increase the percentage of cases solved, PAPILLON-Neuro, our new AI-based app, was also implemented.

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08.12.2023 — Blog

PAPILLON has already made 1,300 DS-45 scanners in 2023

That’s how many DS-45s PAPILLON has manufactured by early December 2023. Just two years ago, this figure was half as many: 720 scanners in 2021 and 974 in 2020.

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09.01.2023 — Blog

PAPILLON scanners cover 80% of the police stations in Telangana state in India

The Indian police have shared the results of 5-years work with PAPILLON AFIS that has been implemented in the state of Telangana. Now more than 1,500 mobile ID check terminals and 600 palmprint scanners are in operation throughout the state.

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16.09.2022 — Blog

A ten-thousandth DS-45 scanner has been produced by PAPILLON

The scanner allows the imaging of plain and rolled fingerprints and palmprints.

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14.12.2021 — Blog

Uzbekistan is successfully testing PAPILLON’s products

Experts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan have tested the DS-45 scanner and the DPP-7 biometric ID terminal. The head of the Forensic Center reports a colossal reduction in the investigation time.

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29.10.2021 — Blog


GOAL: Automation of identity verification when issuing passports and prevention from issuing ID documents based on false data.

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20.07.2021 — Blog

Operation “Illegals” has revealed 83 illegal immigrants

A preventive operation has started in Miass and the region.

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25.01.2021 — Blog


GOAL: To create AFIS sites at all levels of law enforcement community, to convert all accumulated paper tenprint collections into electronic form for effective information support of law enforcers in the investigation of crimes, terrorist attacks, identification of the unknown dead.

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13.01.2021 — Blog

PAPILLON advantages in imaging finger and palm prints

PAPILLON’s fingerprint scanners and software allow you to acquire high-quality images of fingerprints and palmprints, even in the case of excessively dry or moistened skin, and to exclude blurs that appear when taking rolled fingerprints.

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28.08.2020 — Blog

To prevent escapes from jails and lock-ups

GOAL: Ensuring biometric registration of prisoners, controlling their movements and preventing substitutions Contact View results

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22.10.2019 — Blog

Results of using PAPILLON AFIS in India in first two years

Telangana is the first state in India to have completely discarded the manual (ink) method of taking fingerprints of accused.

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01.01.2019 — Blog

18,000 DS-45 scanners are operating successfully in more than 25 countries around the world

PAPILLON is very well renowned for developing hardware and software products for biometric identification and for providing excellence in IT solutions and services.

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04.10.2018 — Blog

PAPILLON techs prevent illegal migration

More than 600 foreign citizens arriving to the territory of the region through the airport of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk were checked on the PAPILLON system.

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27.07.2016 — Blog

High-quality Fingerprint Images for e-Passports of the Military

GOAL: To enable high-quality imaging of scanned finger and palm prints used in e-passports of members of the armed forces

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10.05.2015 — Blog

Choosing a system for electronic fingerprinting

One of indispensable conditions for improving the effectiveness of AFIS is the use of state-of-the-art digital technologies replacing traditional ink fingerprinting.

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07.08.2014 — Blog

The country’s first migration checkpoint using fingerprints has proved its effectiveness

The first migration checkpoint based on fingerprints has been opened at St. Petersburg's Pulkovo Airport. For four months of its operation, almost 1,000 people were refused entry. 5% of the detainees changed their names and surnames, but they were still identified by fingerprints.

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20.04.2010 — Blog

PAPILLON took part in the 6th INTERPOL Fingerprint Symposium

PAPILLON’s products are highly appreciated by experts from the USA, Germany, France, Spain, the UAE, Australia and many other countries.

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