A ten-thousandth DS-45 scanner has been produced by PAPILLON

The scanner allows the imaging of plain and rolled fingerprints and palmprints.

Our customers – law enforcement agencies, health and social services, government bodies, airports and railway stations, nuclear and defense industry enterprises – spend less than a minute to fully fingerprint an individual.

The key benefit of the DS-45 is that it creates high-quality images even in cases of excessively dry (20% of people) or moist (30% of people) skin, and also eliminates motion aberrations at taking rolled fingerprints.

This model of our fingerprint scanners has been produced since 2010. Started with 300-400 pieces per year, now our annual output of DS-45 scanners has reached 1,800.

«It’s a common holiday for all of us, since everybody contributes to the creation of the product: someone is engineering, someone is milling component parts, someone is painting, cooking and cleaning floors. I would like to note that the need for scanners has only increased over the past twelve years. Robust, durable and efficient – all this is about our DS-45,» said Sergey Okunev, Head of Production Technology Department of PAPILLON, noting the release of the ten-thousandth scanner.

Most of the voluntary fingerprint enrollments in Russia take place with the use of PAPILLON’s scanners. The entire procedure takes less than 10 minutes and is available at any police station. Thanks to such enrollment, law enforcers can quickly establish the identity of a person. This means, inter alia, that needed ID documents in case of loss, fire or other emergency can be re-issued faster.

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