18,000 DS-45 scanners are operating successfully in more than 25 countries around the world

PAPILLON is very well renowned for developing hardware and software products for biometric identification and for providing excellence in IT solutions and services.

About 18,000 PAPILLON scanners are deployed in Russia and abroad. Almost half of them (47%) are used in Russia.

The company has been producing fingerprint scanners since 1992. They are used for taking fingerprints and palmprints. The scanners are standardly supplied with stationary and mobile terminals for electronic fingerprinting (LIVE SCANNER) and for express identity checking (FILTER). An SDK is provided for integrating PAPILLON scanners with third-party products.

Every year, the number of PAPILLON scanners deployed around the world is increasing, as the most demanded and effective.

The products fully comply with the requirements of technical regulatory legal acts of the CIS states, Europe and are used by government institutions and commercial organizations.

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