Results of using PAPILLON AFIS in India in first two years

Telangana is the first state in India to have completely discarded the manual (ink) method of taking fingerprints of accused.

In India, the AADHAAR civil registration system is used, but it is not applicable for searching for criminals, so the states are making independent attempts to introduce fingerprint identification systems. Nevertheless, there are results and they are claimed.
In May 2017, the Crime Investigation Department (CID) of Telangana Police commissioned an automated finger and palm print identification system (APFIS) from PAPILLON AO, Russia, through its Indian partner Multywave Technologies Pvt. LTD.
PAPILLON AFIS is one of the best and successful fingerprint identification technologies in the world.

By reducing response times in crime investigation, PAPILLON AFIS has become a significant Technological Partner to Telangana Police. Today, the fingerprint experts can complete the process of collecting chance prints from scenes of crimes and identification of culprits using AFIS in a few hours.

Telangana is the first state in India which completely discarded the manual method of taking fingerprints of accused. “We use the best-in-class live-scan technology available to capture fingerprints and palmprints electronically in real-tome mode (with DS-45 scanners). Besides we have also deployed Handheld Terminals (DPP-7) in Patrol vehicles across the State to identify suspects in real time using their fingerprints,” said the Director General of the CID, Telangana State, Hyderabad.

Achievements of PAPILLON AFIS in two years:

Addl. Director General of Police,
CID, Telangana State, Hyderabad


Official blog of Telangana State Police
«Times of India»

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