09.01.2024 — Blog

The Ministry of the Interior of Tajikistan has PAPILLON AFIS upgraded

PAPILLON-9 replaced existing AFIS software running in the MOI of Tajikistan, and the staff of the Main Forensic Sciences Office was trained to operate it. To increase the percentage of cases solved, PAPILLON-Neuro, our new AI-based app, was also implemented.

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17.08.2020 — Blog

Surface scanners and ARSENAL ABISs are deployed in 20+ countries around the world

ARSENAL automated ballistic identification system is used for maintaining collections of characteristic marks and traces on fired bullets and cartridge cases in the form of electronic databases. For accurate digital imaging of characteristic surface markings and traces, PAPILLON’s surface scanner is used.

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01.01.2019 — Blog

18,000 DS-45 scanners are operating successfully in more than 25 countries around the world

PAPILLON is very well renowned for developing hardware and software products for biometric identification and for providing excellence in IT solutions and services.

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