LSSDK Developer’s Kit for Integrating Finger&Palm Print Scanners into Third-party Applications

Integration of PAPILLON DS-XX finger&palm print scanners into new or existing applications that use fingerprint and palmprint data.
DS-21, DS-22, DS-30 and DS-45 scanners come standard with the LSSDK package.


LSSDK developer’s kit is used for developing applications that allow integration of PAPILLON live-scan devices into various biometric document, identification and access control systems based on fingerprints and palmprints.


Available in the base version:

  • Acquisition of rolled fingerprint images with the DS-XX scanners (seamless splicing of fingerprint fragments without motion aberrations that occur at rolling)
  • Acquisition of images of plain impressions of fingers, palms and feet
  • Assessment of quality and usability of acquired images
  • Detection of dummies (alive/not-alive) by blood flow lumina using IR emitters built into the devices (available for DS-21)
  • Segmentation of plain impressions into individual fingerprints (when scanning two or more fingers simultaneously with scanners DS-22, DS-30 and DS-45)

Subject to additional licensing:

  • WSQ compression / decompression of fingerprint and palmprint images
  • Fingerprint encoding
  • Local base search: 1:n comparison (identification) and 1:1 comparison (verification)
  • Advanced assessment of the quality and useability of acquired images


The LSSDK package is provided with a demo desktop application for Windows, RHEL, CentOS and Astra Linux:


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