Capabilities of face recognition are becoming wider

3DiVi has released updates for Face SDK v3.8.0. Among its main improvements are ‘Mask-on-face’ Detector and Unity plugin for face animation.

Developers of off-the-shelf solutions may well be interested in these updates. For example, our ‘Mask-on-face’ detector can identify individuals who are not wearing a mask, where it is a requirement.

The FaceMask Unity sample is rather for entertainment. It displays different masks on a face created with a 3D mesh of a face. In this sample, 4 standard face masks and one dynamic mask are available, in which images are selected depending on your emotions.

3DiVi Face SDK is a set of software components (code libraries) for creating face recognition solutions of any complexity. It supports the functions of real-time face detection, tracking and comparison in a video stream, as well as recognition of people’s gender, age and emotions.

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