Surface scanners and ARSENAL ABISs are deployed in 20+ countries around the world

ARSENAL automated ballistic identification system is used for maintaining collections of characteristic marks and traces on fired bullets and cartridge cases in the form of electronic databases. For accurate digital imaging of characteristic surface markings and traces, PAPILLON’s surface scanner is used.

PAPILLON has been producing surface scanners and ARSENAL ABIS since 1995. In 2011, the mobile version of ARSENAL was released allowing the conduction of trace examination outside the laboratory. The success of using ARSENAL is due to the unique algorithms of encoding and recognizing electronic images of 3D traces and markings, as well as high quality, speed and low cost (in comparison with competitors) of the image digitization procedure.

География поставок АБИС Арсенал ежегодно расширяется.

The geography of deployment of ARSENAL ABIS is expanding annually. The products comply with the requirements of technical regulations of the CIS countries, Europe, America and are used by government agencies.

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