Fingerprint scanners for 17 police stations in India

As the latest innovations, fingerprint scanners and PAPILLON AFIS allow the police to identify suspects and accused in committing crimes by scanning and checking their fingerprints against databases in real time.

In all, even small and backward districts, the police must be constantly on the alert to keep crime and criminals under check. They are the pioneers in the use of new modern technologies to combat crime.
The head of the police told about the department’s plans to provide 17 police stations with automated systems and mobile devices with PAPILLON AFIS software installed.
Such technology is useful in prevention of crime especially the ever-increasing property offences. Crime detection is possible in quick time.

The AFIS and LIVE SCANNER work on Russian technology and are actually fingerprinting and fingerprint reading devices which need to be attached to Android phones or tablets. The AFIS can be carried in police mobile vehicles even to real-time crosscheck fingerprints of suspects who are found loitering during nights.

The live-scan devices will be kept at police stations which have courts functioning under their area of operation. They will be used to fingerprint all the accused who are produced in courts, which eventually build a proper database of criminals.

Source: The Hindu Journal

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