PAPILLON AFIS helped the Belgrade Police solve high-profile murders committed 15 and 20 years ago

The Russian AFIS allowed the police to come close to solving one of the first mafia crimes on the streets of Belgrade – brutal killing of police inspector Dragan Radisic, committed 20 years ago

Fingerprints of the culprit of that tragedy were found at the crime scene. Despite all the efforts of the police, the identity of the criminal could not be established, and the crime remained unsolved for many years.

The AFIS based on PAPILLON’s technologies and implemented for the needs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the border police of the Republic of Serbia, helped to establish a match of the latent fingerprints from that crime scene with the fingerprints of a native of Albania who had previously come to the attention of the police. It is reported that the Belgrade police will soon initiate the process of his extradition.

It is also known that in August of 2015, the AFIS helped to identify latent fingerprints lifted at the scene of triple murder committed in New Belgrade in 2000 and to arrest the suspect in the commission of that crime.

Source: RTV B92

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