A high-profile crime has been solved in the Astrakhan region

Regional PAPILLON AFIS helped to identify a local resident suspected of murder

Alexey Bondarev, a senior forensic investigator of the Criminal Investigation Department in the Astrakhan region, solved one of the most high-profile crimes of 2016.

During the examination of the crime scene, some personal belongings of the deceased, scattered within a radius of 15 meters, including a rubber mat from the luggage compartment of the car were found. The items were sent to the forensic laboratory of the investigative department for examination with a cyanoacrylate camera.

15 latent impressions were discovered on the items and sent for matching against the regional database of PAPILLON AFIS. The latents matched with the tenprint card of a local resident, who was detained by the law enforcers within an hour.

Source: Astrakhan 24 News Agency

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