The Russian system of biometric identification of criminals has been deployed in India

The identity of criminals will be established immediately with the help of the most advanced PAPILLON Automated Fingerprint and Palmprint Identification System that will soon be available in the state of Telangana in India.

Telangana Police, the first in the country, has installed a Russian fingerprint identification system to replace its old one.

The Police Commissioner said that PAPILLON AFIS has already been procured and its utilization is on, with necessary components like palm and finger print scanners, webcams, mobile ID check devices being supplied to police stations.

AFIS, with its new live-scan systems, will replace the traditional method of taking fingerprints using ink. This, officials said, would save man power and transportation costs occurred while taking fingerprint slips from police stations to the fingerprint unit.

Live scanners will be installed in the Commissionerate and police stations.

Source: Telangana Today Journal

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