Criminals caught by fingerprints with the help of PAPILLON AFIS in India

Two juveniles held for indulging in burglaries

The cases registered in 2013 and 2016, were cracked using PAPILLON AFIS Automated Finger and Palm Print Identification System, which was recently adopted by the City Police.

The Task Force police apprehended two juveniles for indulging in house breaking during night hours. PAPILLON AFIS revealed that fingerprints of the young people were matching with the prints found at the scenes of previously committed crimes. During their previous detentions, due to other circumstances, the young people did not admit to committing these crimes.

The Chief of Telangana Police announced the deployment of the PAPILLON AFIS technology for the entire state in October after it was successfully adopted by the CID in early 2017. This technology allows law enforcers to take fingerprints of suspects, compare them with those stored in the database and get results within one minute.

Source: The Hans India

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