GWI Access, Time and Attendance Control System

On offer: GWI-5

Modular pass control system for businesses and institutions of all levels:
— Identification by cards, fingerprints, faces, eyes
— Control of crossing the premises’ borders (on foot and on vehicle)

Control of access to restricted areas:
— Gateway systems
— Monitoring of movements and location
— Automatic time tracking and control of schedule violations




  • Automation of supervision at military bases, in migrant detention centers, penitentiary institutions, etc.
  • Automation of enterprise access control and security of protected areas:
    • Monitoring of admittance (entry on foot and on vehicle) to the territory of the enterprise. Prevention of unauthorized access
    • Monitoring of personnel and vehicle movements on the territory of the enterprise and when leaving / entering its premises
    • Monitoring and restriction of access of employees within the enterprise to rooms and areas with high security status or secrecy, in accordance with the access schedule and access rights of each employee
  • Automation of timekeeping and disciplinary control
    • Monitoring of the location of employees on the territory of the enterprise in real-time mode
    • Keeping records of working hours of employees and identifying violations of work schedules


  • Registration of biometric data of employees (fingerprint, iris pattern)
  • Production and printing of credentials on proximity cards
  • Automatic verification / identification of employees:

    • by credentials < 1 sec
    • by biometric data < 3 sec
  • Assigning the employee access rights (allowed rooms and time of access)
  • Structuring the database of registered individuals (employees, visitors) by groups (departments) with hierarchical inheritance of rights
  • Creating department work schedules and individual shift schedules for employees (with provision for breaks and crossing 00:00)
  • Recording and logging events happening at checkpoints (both successful and unsuccessful attempts)
  • Autonomous operation of gateways equipped with barriers in the absence of communication with the central server (information is stored locally and synchronized with the server when communication is restored)
  • Output of information on walking through checkpoints to the security console
  • Prompt granting of access permission in case of emergency
  • Control reports (in the web-interface) on location, discipline and timekeeping with the required level of detail
  • Export of data on working hours of employees in 1C: Payroll and HR Management, ERP, Management of Manufacturing Plants, Complete Integrated Automation
  • Ability to assign RFID tags to employees to automate the accounting of portable equipment and prevent unauthorized take-outs

It is possible to organize checkpoints without restricting passage through them (to register time, number of visitors, etc.) and checkpoints with blocking devices (turnstiles, barriers, etc.). Blocking devices are driven automatically or by commands from the security console.


Integration with the SKV Video Surveillance System:

  • Photofixation of the fact of walking through the checkpoint
  • Identification of employees in a video stream with the ability to record event statistics in GWI to count working hours or for time tracking
  • Identification of a vehicle license plate for automatic barrier manipulation





Access control:

  • DS-21, DS-22, DS-30 fingerprint scanners
  • DS-70 access unit by finger
  • Zirkon access unit by eyes
  • FK-4 access units by face and TF-series monoblocks or webcams
  • proximity card/key fob readers
  • with the SKV system:
    • photofixation of the fact of walking through the checkpoint
    • Identification of employees in a video stream
    • Vehicle license plate identification



Data contents

Registration record contains:

  • detailed information (full name, photo, position, department, access rights and ciphers, work schedule)
  • identification code of the personal proximity card / key fob assigned to the employee at the registration in the database
  • biometric indicators (fingerprint, iris pattern, facial image).

Data sources


Interfacing protocols

  • Ethernet
  • RS485
  • USB

Export formats

  • JSON
  • XML

Operating systems

  • Centos 7 (64 bit)
  • Ubuntu 16.04 (64 bit)
  • Suse 12 (64 bit)



Components and database:

  • Server with MySQL DBMS – Web interface (thin client)
  • Operator workstation (OW) – Desktop application (thick client)
  • Gate control unit (GWI USB-collector software with local base)

Subject to licensing:

  • Server with a database (no limitations on storage time and the number of records, employees, users, etc.)
  • Gate control units (restriction applies to the number of organized checkpoints – gateways, doors, driveways, visitors pass desk, etc.)



  • Rest API (JSON format) and file uploads to XML allow to implement your own solutions for data import, export and processing.
  • Web interface provides cross-platform interoperation with the system
  • Multibiometric identification and verification by fingerprints, facial image, iris is possible. Eliminates the possibility of forgery and unauthorized passing through checkpoints.
  • Autonomous operation of gateways when connection to the server is missing.
  • Control reports complex – pre-made reporting forms and the ability to customize them according to the customer
  • Export of information on working hours in 1C: Payroll and HR Management, ERP, Management of Manufacturing Plants, Complete Integrated Automation
  • Unlimited database capacity and number of checkpoints