Face SDK Developer’s Kit for Face Detection, Tracking and Identification

SDK for ingergrating and developing applications that require face detection and identification


SDK for integrators and developers for face recognition solutions of any complexity – from simple apps to portals of Microsoft Azure Face API or Amazon AWS Rekognition level.

  • Optimized for embedding – supports working with mobile devices, single-board computers, other portable electronics and IoT
  • Masks and masked faces – high-accuracy recognition even if the face is partially covered by a mask
  • Liveness – passive and active face liveness detection as an additional authentication factor (support of depth cameras, IR/RGB and other cameras)
  • GPU acceleration – increases the application performance by 55 times for heavy workloads and other scenarios of use requiring high eficiency
  • Application samples – comes with tutorials, code blocks, sample applications, expert methods and detailed documentation on GitHub to meet all development needs
  • Development support – 3DiVi is focused on partnership with experienced IT professionals. Our SDKs offer necessary tools, support, guidance and other benefits for the implementation of your project!


  • Detection of faces in photos and live video streams
  • Automatic selection of the best frame and quality control
  • Normalization of facial images (rotation and cropping)
  • Analysis of emotions, gender and age
  • Comparison of encoded facial images 1:n (identification) and 1:1 (verification) against a local database
  • Measurement of face dimensions, angles of inclination, tilt, swivel and up to one hundred coordinate points on the face
  • Determination whether the face belongs to a real person, not a photo or recorded video, to protect against impostures