Moved to another region and hid for 25 years but was found with the help of PAPILLON AFIS

A murder committed a quarter of a century ago has been solved in St. Petersburg. The alleged killer was identified with the help of PAPILLON AFIS by his fingerprints left on videotapes.

The body of the deceased lawyer was found on June 23, 1996 in his apartment. The killer was going to steal things from the apartment. After the massacre, he packed them in a bag, but could not carry them away, because he was scared off by an accidental witness.

During the inspection of the scene, impressions of fingers and palms of the alleged criminal were found on the videotapes in the bag, as well as on the bars of the window grate. Those latents were entered into the PAPILLON system running in the MOI.

In January 2020, 44-year-old Alexander Tarasov was detained in Arkhangelsk for an administrative offense. He was suspected of committing a theft and fingerprinted. His prints matched those from the lawyer’s murder scene. Tarasov was transported under guard to St. Petersburg.

Source: LEGAL.REPORT electronic periodical

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