PAPILLON’s special software

PAPILLON’s subsidiary will equip cancer centers with special software

The software developed at EVA LAB detects intestinal tumors with up to 93% accuracy. In the next two years, 16 cancer centers in Chelyabinsk region will be equipped with the soft.

This hi-tech aid has a sole purpose – to help identify pathology at its early stage. And not only in regional centers, where diagnostics is already at the highest level, but in ordinary city clinics. During the endoscopic examination, AI highlights neoplasms on the monitor screen. It automatically sends information about the pathology and the patient to the regional clinic. Based on the opinion of specialists from the regional cancer center, the patient will be sent for surgery.

It is noteworthy, that after the technical basis of the solution was developed, specialists of the Chelyabinsk Regional Clinical Center of Oncology and Nuclear Medicine trained the program to identify neoplasms. Now the AI’s sensitivity to the detection of tumors reaches 93%.

The software developed by PAPILLON’s subsidiary may go beyond the region. Currently, negotiations are underway to install the software in the Sverdlovsk Regional Oncology Dispensary.


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