Results of AFIS-MVD operation in 2012

As of January 1, 2013, the total size of AFIS databases in the regions of Russia (excluding the Federal AFIS) amounts to 85 million tenprint records and almost 4 million latent prints.

In 2012, about 800 thousand latents associated with 275 thousand crimes and about 2 million tenprints were checked against AFIS databases.

According to the results of LT-TP and TP-LT searches, 150,000 latents were identified and thereby 100,000 criminal cases were solved, which, according to the statistics of the Ministry of the Interior, amounts to 7.9%, or every twelfth of all crimes solved during the year.

Almost 28,000 crimes were solved ‘in hot pursuit’, i.e. valuable information from the AFIS was received within a day after commission of crimes.

A fifth of the solved crimes (about 20,000) are crimes of previous years, the probability of disclosure of which by other means was minimal.

The AFIS helped to clear:

Of the 27,000 tenprint cards of the unknown dead entered into the AFIS databases, about 12,000 have been identified, i.e. almost every second has been identified with the AFIS.

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