KLIM 3D Facial Composite Software

On offer: KLIM 3D PRO

An attractive solution to address contemporary needs of police forces worldwide to fast and easily construct accurate facial composites based on eyewitness descriptions




  • Investigation activities of law enforcers
  • Facilitation of the forensic expert’s task to construct accurate facial composites based on eyewitness descriptions


  • Creation of 3D facial composites
  • Estimation of possible changes in the criminal’s appearance
  • Export of 2D facial composites to POLYFACE or other face regognition system for search
  • Printing of a 2D composite sketch of a wanted person

The user is offered a default ‘average’ 3D model of a human face. The program provides diverse tools needed to properly modify both general (gender, ethnicity, age) and individual feature components (shape of nose, mouth, chin, etc.), to change the color and style of hair, moustache, beard, to add accessory items (hats, eyeglasses, etc.)

Further customization of the portrait, including the drawing of bristles, birthmarks, moles, wrinkles, make-up, can be done using a 2D image derived from the 3D representation.


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Ready facial composites can be exported to POLYFACE or other face recognition system.

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Data Set

The information card associated with a photofit contains:

  • Text data (information about a witness, etc.)
  • Verbal portrait
  • Facial composite (3D and 2D images)

Export Formats

  • JPEG
  • Polyface (.pl)

Operating Systems

  • Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
  • Windows 8 (32/64 bit)
  • Windows 10 (32/64 bit)

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Componets and Database:

  • Operator Workstation — Desktop application (thick client)

Subject to Licensing:

  • Operator Workstation

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  • 3D and 2D portraits for modeling and retouching
  • Ability to export facial composites to POLYFACE and other face recognition systems
  • Modeling of possible changes in the criminal’s appearance – with/without a beard, hat and other accessories, etc.
  • Modeling of age-related changes, skin tones and pigmentation
  • Symmetric and asymmetric modeling of every facial feature
  • Ability to create multiple variations of the photofit of a suspect based on different witnesses’ descriptions (several variants of 2D and 3D images with the option to select the most successful one)
  • Enhancement of the model positioned at any angle of vision and illumination
  • History of all actions performed, that allows a user to cancel the changes executed and return to the previous stages of modeling

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