PAPILLON-M — Mobile Fingerprinting Complex for Forensic Experts

— Express ID check by fingerprints and faces against central AFIS and POLYFACE databases, as well as against the local AFIS database
— Creation of tenprints (rolled and plain fingerprints, photos of face and distinctive feautures), transfer to AFIS
— Scanning of paper tenprints and latents lifted at crime scenes
— Comparative examinations and image processing
— Preparation and printing of examination reports

Advanced hardware and software offer dedicated functionality for forensic experts and technicians.



As a PAPILLON AFIS remote workstation:

  • Formation of a local tenprint and latent database
  • Input of tenprints into the database with the LIVE SCANNER system, and from paper media (with a flatbed scanner)
  • Input of latent finger and palm prints from objects and surfaces (with a digital camera), from latent print layouts and lifting tapes (with a flatbed scanner)
  • Check of tenprints and latents against the local database, review of candidate lists
  • Transfer of latent prints and tenprints (including those of the dead) to the Central AFIS for searches and permanent storage
  • Obtaining results of searches from the Central AFIS
  • Remote access to authorized sections of the Central AFIS database, viewing of candidate lists, printing of information

As a forensic expert workstation using RASTR software:

  • Taking pictures and processing of any graphic images
  • Comparative examination of images
  • Software processing of latent print images (of poor quality, contaminated or containing overlapping prints) before submitting them to PAPILLON AFIS
  • Preparation and printing of examination reports

Full-featured operation of PAPILLON-M requires the user to be a qualified forensic expert or crime-scene technician.

As a mobile finger and palm print enrollment and express ID check station:

  • Creation of electronic tenprints: alphanumeric data, plain and rolled fingerprints, palm impressions, photo images of appearance and distinctive features
  • Storage of tenprints in the LIVE SCANNER database
  • Export of tenprints to the local AFIS database
  • Export of tenprints to the central AFIS database (Papillon format, ANSI/NIST (RUS-I, Interpol, FBI) format)
  • Express ID checks against the local tenprint database
  • Remote express ID check against the central AFIS database

The station can be set on any horizontal surface of 0.8 x 1 m in size. Deployment time including automatic testing is under 5 minutes. Without testing – less than 1 minute.

The station is adapted to work in vehicles: can be energized from the car battery via a voltage converter or from the car onboard electrical supply. In the absence of external power sources, the station can run on batteries.



Can be used in conjunction with PAPILLON AFIS and POLYFACE to populate databases with new information and obtain identification results on express ID checks.

Important component of PAPILLON-M is a DS-30 fingerprint scanner.




  • shockproof case with fixtures
  • laptop, mouse, charger, battery set
  • car voltage converter, surge protector
  • EDGE/GPRS/GSM modem
  • DS-30N fingerprint scanner
  • A4 flatbed scanner
  • A4 inkjet printer
  • digital camera, charger, tripod

PAPILLON-M can be equipped with the FOSKO kit for evidential photography.


  • PAPILLON AFIS – Multibiometric Identification System
  • LIVE SCANNER – Biometric Registration System
  • FILTER – Biometric Express ID Check System
  • RASTR – System for preparing examination reports, illustrations and charts
  • Linux or Windows operating system

Connection to central AFIS (TCP/IP):

  • cellular communications (EDGE/GPRS/GSM, CDMA)
  • local area network
  • dial-up and dedicated telephone lines

Dimensions and weight:

  • Dimensions
    • in transportation mode – 795х310х518 mm
    • in operation mode – 795х750х670 mm
  • Weight – 32.3 kg




  • High-quality images of wet, excessively dry fingers and palms, as well as fingers and palms with rubbed or naturally low papillary patterns
  • Complete program elimination of motion aberrations when rolling fingers
  • Shockproof case with rigid fixation of the equipment – mounting accessories of the case provide convenience of work and reliable fixation of the equipment during transportation
  • Deployment time < 1 minute. If the automatic testing is required, < 5 minutes
  • Processing and enhancement of images with RASTR tools, with saving the history of all steps of processing
  • Operation from the onboard power supply of a car and from the mains. Ability to operate autonomously
  • Express identification against local fingerprint database in the absence of connection with remote databases
  • Express identification against regional, interregional and federal AFIS databases depending on the settings and access permissions.