FK-4 Face-based Access Control Unit

Implemented concept

Designed for contactless identification by face in access control systems deployed at premises with an increased threat to the integrity of facilities



Acquisition of face images for contactless 1:n identification or 1:1 verification of a person’s identity:

  • Automation of access control to rooms with an increased threat to the integrity of facilities
  • Automation of supervision in military divisions, refugee centers, penal institutions, etc.


  • Detection of a face in a video stream and selection of the best frame for further identification/verification in GWI ACS
  • Display of prompt text and pictograms for obtaining a better photo of a person
  • Output of identification/verification results

The device does not provide database storage and off-line operation. The device is intended only for image acquisition and interaction with the user. Identification of a person is performed in the GWI system.

The procedure starts automatically as soon as an individual approaches to the FK-4 at a distance of 0.3 to 1 m and sees his face on the screen of the device.

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Used as an integrated part of a GWI access control system.

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  • Web-camera
  • Lights
  • Controller
  • Display
  • Specialized software PAPILLON


  • InterfaceEthernet
  • Controllable spotlightYes
  • Face image capturing range 0.3 m to 1 m
  • LCD display:
    • Dimensions— 7” (155х88 mm)
    • Matrix CMOS
    • Resolution— 1920х1080 px
  • Automatic focus
  • Current 1.2 А
  • Voltage 12 V
  • Overall dimensions 305х230х110 mm
  • Weight 4.5 kg
  • Ingress Protection (IP) CodeIP54

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  • Vandal-proof – an impact-resistant housing and protected monitor
  • Built-in lights and automatic or manual brightness adjustment allow you to acquire facial images without any supplementary equipment and special illumination in the room
  • Guidance displayed on the monitor facilitates the process of self-identification / self-verification
  • Results of identification/verification are output on the monitor

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