DS-70 Fingerprint-based Access Control Terminal

Designed for access control applications where quick and accurate verification of the individual’s identity is required. Can store a local database of fingerprint templates to operate in off-line mode.



Contactless 1:n identification by fingerprints:

  • Automation of staff checkpoints in access control systems
  • Security assurance on protected areas (direct control of electronic locks through “dry contact”)
  • Automation of supervision in military divisions, refugee centers, penal institutions, etc.


  • One-to-many identification
  • Automatic control of blocking devices and electronic locks

The local database can be updated and augmented completely automatically through its connectivity with:

The terminal integrates a storage and a processor that provide data storage and highly accurate automatic searches.

The terminal is provided with a discrete output for attaching actuating mechanisms (e.g. blocking devices).


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The database can be augmented with information stored in GWI ACS and PAPILLON AFIS (from version 8).

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  • Fingerprint recognition time < 4 сек
  • Protection against dummies (live/not live) — yes
  • Maximum number of enrolled users 10,000
  • Maximum number of fingerprints 100,000
  • Anti tamper sensor yes
  • Interface:
    • Ethernet (setup and connection with GWI/AFIS)
    • RS-485 (in off-line mode – electronic lock control; in GWI mode – connection with GWI controller)
    • Discrete output (in off-line mode – electronic lock control)
  • Operating temperature — +1 to+40 °С
  • Voltage 12 V
  • Power consumption 25 W
  • Weight 0,85 kg
  • Dimensions — 185х122х62 mm

Discrete output parameters («dry contact»):

  • Voltage limit — 350 V
  • Current limit — 100 mА
  • Close contact resistance — 30 ohms
  • State — normally open

Fingerprint scanner:

  • Scan area 20х20 mm
  • Resolution 500 ppi
  • Dynamic range 8 bpp

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  • Light and sound indication of access signals
  • Autonomous operation with electric locks (direct control through “dry contact”)
  • Automation of staff checkpoints in an Access Control System
  • Event log that keeps information about attempts to pass through
  • Ingress Protection (IP) Rating – 6 (The terminal is equipped with an anti tamper sensor)
  • Vandal-proof
  • Interfaces: Ethernet, RS-485, discrete output
  • Protection against dummies (live/not live)

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