ZIRKON SDK for Integrating the Iris Scanner into Third-party Applications

Used for integration of ZIRKON iris scanners into biometric identification and verification systems

ZIRKON SDK comes with a ZIRKON iris-based control unit


The ZIRKON SDK developer’s library is designed to develop applications that allow integrating ZIRKON iris scanners into various biometric identification and access control systems.


  • Acquisition of iris pattern images with ZIRKON scanners
  • Identification of dummies (live / not live) by reaction of an eye to the illuminators
  • Encoding of the iris pattern (creation of a template)
  • Evaluation of quality and applicability of acquired iris images
  • Measurement of the inter-pupil distance and the eye opening
  • Comparison of encoded iris images 1:n (identification) against the local database and 1:1 (verification)
  • Saving of 8-bit (256 shades of gray) iris images


In addition to the web interface of the device, the ZIRKON SDK supplies a demo desktop application for Windows, RHEL, CentOS and Astra Linux: