Omni Facial Recognition Platform for Face Detection, Tracking and Identification

Facial recognition as an off-the-shelf cloud solution using REST API. Face Machine combines the functionality of the Face SDK with a client-server solution for data processing and storage.

Can be customized and deployed in an isolated local infrastructure: Face Machine Server (cloud or local) and Face Machine Client application.


Add the AI-powered facial recognition to your solutions with the cloud-based Face API or deploy a high-performance platform on an isolated local infrastructure.


  • Face detection, tracking and analysis in streaming video (IP cameras, USB cameras, embedded cameras), video files and photos
  • Recording of events and facial attributes
  • Identification against lists downloaded into the system
  • Automatic additions to the lists according to the specified logic, grouping of identified faces in the lists

  • Easy to get started – Add the facial recognition feature to your applications with a few lines of code, using an easy to learn API.
  • Flexible deployment and offline operation – Start using Face Machine in the 3DiVi cloud without incurring the costs of maintaining your own infrastructure, or deploy the platform in a local, isolated environment.
  • Instant face analysis on video streams and video archives – Up to 50 million face comparisons per second on video streams, video files or images. The algorithm is optimized for all platforms, including mobile and embedded ones. Identification process takes 1-1.5 seconds.
  • Supports all programming languages – Face Machine API supports any programming language that allows you to work with the API. Use the code samples from the API reference by simply copying and pasting them into your project.
  • Customization options – Develop your own data processing application to suit your needs using the Face SDK libraries, and then integrate it with Face Machine with a few API calls. We are ready to customize the API, GUI, and develop custom detectors for your project needs. Just share with us the vision of your future solution.
  • Flexible licensing options – pay-per-use, annual or perpetual licenses, or a custom pricing plan – just contact our sales team for a personalized offer.

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