ZIRKON Iris-based Access Control Unit

On offer: Zirkon-4

Designed for contactless identification by iris in access control systems (ACS).
The device has its own database for autonomous operation with an electric lock. Can work as part of an ACS without permanent connection to the server.
Can also be used for registration in civil and forensic multibiometric information systems.



Contactless identification (1:n) or verification (1:1) of a person by iris patterns:

  • Automation of access control as part of an access control system
  • Automation of supervision at military bases, migrant detention centers, penitentiary institutions, etc.
  • Safeguarding of protected areas (direct control of electronic locks via “dry contact”)
  • Biometric civil enrollment (banks, hospitals, public institutions)
  • Investigative activities of law enforcement authorities (PAPILLON AFIS starting with version 9)

Functional capabilities:

  • Registration and digital encoding of iris images
  • Creation and storage of an array of records in an electronic database:
    • encoded iris patterns
    • text data
  • 1:n identification of a person
  • 1:1 verification of a person’s identity
  • Control of barriers and electronic locks

Biometric templates can be stored in the RAM or in the memory of Zirkon. The device can operate both in autonomous mode (“dry contact”), and as part of an access control system (ACS).

The procedure starts automatically as soon as an individual just looks into the mirror standing 300-450 mm in front of the camera within its field of view.

To operate in the verification mode (one-to-one comparison), Zirkon is supplemented with a reader that reads personal identifiers stored on contactless ID cards, keyfobs, etc. Biometric templates and personal identifiers are downloaded into the Zirkon memory by means of the ACS.



Integrated into systems for:

  • data acquisition for multibiometric databases (LIVE SCANNER and PAPILLON-9 AFIS)
  • express ID checks (FILTER) by iris images
  • access control (GWI and third-party systems)
  • electronic lock control and access lockout



Autonomous user database is formed through a web interface. After the database is created, the Ethernet connection can be terminated. When Zirkon is integrated in an ACS, registration of users is performed through the ACS interface.


ZIRKON access unit includes:

  • iris scanner
  • built-in matcher

The following are additionally supplied for operation within an access control system:

  • lock controller
  • electronic lock


  • Recognition time < 2 sec
  • Protection against dummies (alive / not alive) – Yes
  • Local database capacity – 2,000 records
  • Reliability:
    • False Accept Ratio (FAR): 10-7
    • False Reject Ratio (FRR): 10-2
  • Interface:
    • Ethernet (setup, ACS communication)
    • RS-485 (in autonomous mode – control of the electronic lock controller, in ACS mode – communication with the ACS controller)
  • IR illumination – 850 nm
  • Image capture area – 300 mm to 450 mm
  • Swivel angle – -15° / +30°
  • Protection rating according to GOST 14254 – IP20
  • Environmental specifications:
    • Operating temperature — +10°С to +35°С
    • Relative humidity — 98%
  • Power input — 12V
  • Maximum power consumption, maximum — 30W
  • Dimensions — 210 mm х 190 mm х 80 mm
  • Weight — 1.2 kg




  • Contactless identification
  • Adjustable view angle
  • Voice guidance and light indication
  • Two-in-one – registration station and access control unit in one device
  • Safe for eyesight infrared backlighting
  • Autonomous electric lock control (“dry contact”)
  • Operation within an ACS
  • Scaleability – the number of access units in an ACS is not limited
  • Only black-and-white images – iris color changes (due to diseases, use of colored contact lenses) have no effect on  identification results