Biodoc SDK Development of Applications for Reading and Recording Biometric Documents

Used for developing applications that register (Biodoc-R) and verify (Biodoc-V) data recorded and stored in biometric documents


Used for developing applications enabling registration (Biodoc-R) and verification (Biodoc-V) of data recorded in biometric documents.

Biodoc-R (Registration)

A library that allows recording of data in biometric documents of ISO/IEC 14443 (Type A/B) and ICAO Doc 9303 standard.

Input: fingerprints, face and iris images

Output: a record of images and templates in an international format

Biodoc-V (Verification)

A library that allows the verification of biometric data recorded in the ID document and those of the document holder, thereby revealing the facts of forgery.

Input: biometric data (text and graphics) recorded in the ID document and biometrics captured with external programs and devices (fingerprint scanners, camera, iris scanner)

Output: result of verification (one-to-one comparison of the document data and the holder’s biometrics)