ExpertLab Universal System for Image Capture and Reproduction

Designed for thorough visual examination and photography of forensically significant traces and marks (latent handprints, shoeprints, traces of burglary, etching, wiping off, erasing, filled-in scratches or inscriptions and indented writing, etc.) on material evidence found at crime scenes




Improving the working efficiency of forensic experts:

  • Visual examination of materia evidence with the view of detecting forensically significant traces and marks (impressions of hands, shoeprints, traces of burglary, etching, wiping off, erasing, filled-in scratches or inscriptions and indented writing, etc.)
  • Evidential photography

Functional capabilities:

  • Examination and photography of objects in reflected, transmitted and oblique light
  • Examination and photography of objects using the dark-field method
  • Examination of objects in UV and IR rays
  • Shadow-free photography of 3D objects
  • Precise positioning of objects of any shape and size for examination and at any angle to the camera by using diverse accessories



Acquired images of fingerprints can be transferred to PAPILLON AFIS. Use the FOSKO kit for photographing latent handprints on crime scenes, and PhoBox for taking pictures of shoeprints or tire marks.

Photos captured with the ExpertLab tools can be further processed with the RASTR software.



Basic configuration (subject to change at the customer’s request):

  • Stand
  • Fill-in light source
  • Light diffusion screen
  • Slit shade
  • Spotlight
  • IR emitter
  • UV source
  • Translucent platform
  • Dimmer (brightness controller)
  • Dark-field box, available in two versions of dimensions:
    • version 1: 600 х 400 mm
    • version 2: 380 х 300 mm
  • Object holder
  • Ruler & object holder
  • Holder for small objects
  • Background (black/white), available in two versions of dimensions:
    • version 1: 900 х 550 mm
    • version 2: 600 х 500 mm
  • E27 lamp shade
  • A set of rulers
  • Power cable
  • Laboratory rack with a set of holders

Four adjustable lighting units are connected to outlets located on the rear face of the stage. The outlet assembly has an additional 12V outlet for external devices.

If necessary, ExpertLab can be supplemented with an MPS-2 trinocular microscope.

Also the RASTR software can be installed on the forensic expert’s workstation allowing you to accurately prepare illistrations and court charts for reports and examinations.

Technical specifications:

  • Camera height adjustment relative to the stage- 100-950 mm
  • Number of adjustable power outlets – 4
  • Number of extra power outlets (non-adjustable) – 1
  • Object holder range – 2-40 mm
  • Maximum diameter of bottle-like objects – 110 mm
  • Maximum length of bottle-like objects – 320 mm
  • Power supply – 220 V
  • Power consumption – 100 watt



Object, bottle and ruler holders – positioning and examination of objects of any size at any angle relative to the camera allowing you to free your hands and get the best quality images


Detection of volumetric, barely visible traces and marks in oblique light


Photography of undeveloped and dusty latent prints


The translucent platform allows you to take pictures in transmitted light (e.g., evidence lifted with lifting tapes, latents on glass, etc.)


The dark-field box enables glare-free dark-field photography (e.g., taking pictures of glossy covers)


Fill-in (booster) light and spotlight sources with adjustable brightness and width of the light beam – Fill-in light sources are mounted on rigid holders that allow vertical and horizontal change of their position, change of the angle of tilt and rotation. They can be covered with an adjustable slit shade in order to produce a flat beam of light. The spotlights are mounted on flexible holders.


IR emitter and UV source – IR emitter is mounted on a flexible holder, its light flux is adjusted with a dimmer



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