Shockproof transport travel case containing:
– Laptop with ARSENAL ABIS installed
– BS surface scanner with a set of accessories

Works both with a local database of up to 10,000 objects and with remote centralized databases.
Adapted to work in vehicles, powered by the on-board electrical network.




  • Investigation of firearm-related crimes and fight against terrorism
  • Preparation of examination reports and court charts
  • Registration of test-fired weapons


Creation of exact digital copies of specimens and input images and related information into the АRSENAL ABIS database:

  • bullets and cartridge cases fired by rifled and smoothbore weapons
  • pellets
  • grapeshots
  • deformed and fragmented bullets with relief variations of up to 7 mm


  • Trace examination of breaking tools, appliances and other objects
  • Scanning of marks and striae on cylindrical objects


The BS-16 surface scanner is easy to operate. No special training or expert skills are needed.


The distinctive feature of the scanner in comparison with other manufacturers’ analogues, is its versatility. With BS-16, you can capture all types of ballistic specimens: bullet sides, cartridge case heads, shots and fragmented projectiles.

The portable workstation equipped with BS-16 allows the operator to input the images of objects in any sequence.


The device can also be used to scan the surfaces of non-ballistic evidence, bearing, for example, traces and marks of a burglary weapon or fingerprints. The diameter of cylindrical bodies (bullets, cartridges, other cylindrical objects) may vary from 1 to 22 mm.

The scanner works equally well with objects made of different materials (metal, plastic, glass, etc.). It automatically selects light parameters based on the reflective and scattering properties of the object.


Suitable for both indoor and field work:

Mobile ARSENAL is fully adapted for efficient operation in any vehicle, powered by a car’s on-board accumulators.

Pricing Demo


Pricing Demo


Comes standard with the surface scanner. Currently, a new model of the scanner – BS-17 USB3 – is being developed.

  • Point of capture solution for all information collected on scenes of firearm-related crimes
  • High quality images of bullets and cartridge cases fired by rifled and smoothbore guns, pellets, grapeshots, fragmented and deformed projectiles with variations in relief of up to 7 mm
  • Adapted to work in a vehicle
  • Fits into a functional and rugged transport travel case

Pricing Demo


  • Versatility – Capture solution for all types of ballistic objects
  • Easy to use – Images can be scanned even by untrained persons
  • Compact design as compared with other manufacturers’ analogues
  • Shock-resistant transport travel case with riggid fixation of the equipment
  • Powered by the mains or a car’s on-board accumulators
  • Ability to capture images of any cylindrical surfaces
  • Seamless integration with InfoPGT